My imaginary New Zealand job that I am cut out for

All it took was a job vacancy offer for a “Social Media / Digital Expert” that I found on Facebook to send my mind wandering. It wasn’t just any job, mind you, it was an open position at Euro Campers, a New Zealand camper rental company based close to Christchurch. I started imagining myself joining the company that we hired a campervan for our South Island trip in 2016 from.

I am confident that I am the perfect candidate for this job. Aside from all my professional qualifications and experience in this field it’s the soft skills that really make me stand out from the competition:

I still consider myself to be a camping beginner with New Zealand being my first serious camping experience. So, I feel you, all you rookie campers out there, pondering over your decision of whether you should hit the road in a tiny house on wheels or opt for something more comfortable. I walked the walk so I could talk the talk, giving you plenty of advice on how to tackle life in the wilderness that is called freedom camping.

Self-registration bag at a New Zealand freedom campsite
It takes some time to grasp the concept of self-registration at New Zealand campsites. I would gladly share some tips with first-time campers.

I have an eye for good photos, occasionally I even manage to snap one myself. My Instagram feed is already littered with images of the Milford Sound and Roy’s Peak. Adding a couple New Zealand-relevant hashtags more to follow would be no problem. Rest assured no repost-worthy snapshot of that Wanaka Tree would skip my attention. I would bend over backwards in the effort to curate the most striking collection of photos that would make anyone want to start packing immediately.

View of Lake Wakatipu
I would make New Zealand and Euro Campers shine in the best light in my photos.

Believe me, I would be more than willing to go the extra mile for this job:

For me, choosing just the right size of the campervan required an extensive research of several weeks. To take this burden from potential customers, I would happily take all the vehicles in the fleet on multiday test trips, of course putting special emphasis on the newest, comfiest models. Being the methodical person I am (sometimes bordering to OCD, if you ask my hubbs), I would compile extensive pros & cons lists and comparison charts, including packing recommendations for each type of campervan. Our website would become the go-to source of information for anyone planning a camping trip to New Zealand. (See, how I casually moved from social media to content marketing there?)

Camping close to Lake Tekapo
Do you want it comfortable but a bit bulky or compact and easier to drive? I’d do all the comparisons for you.

Cooperation with bloggers and influencers is what everyone is after these days. But finding the most credible and likable contributors that will reflect the values of your brand is not always easy. That is why I am ready to do all this myself. Instead of sitting in the office I would spend my days travelling around in a campervan, constantly posting Facebook live updates and Instagram stories. Whenever I would come across other travellers with Euro Campers I wouldn’t miss the opportunity for an interview letting them share their unforgettable experiences for our blog.

Also, forget hiring a travel journalist to come up with a list of recommended itineraries. Give me enough budget for all those creamy cappuccinos and I’ll come up with the most comprehensive itineraries you can think of, all self-tested for accuracy. They will not only include route and sightseeing tips, but also detailed restaurant and café reviews as well as recommendations for stops at farmers markets and salmon farms to get the freshest ingredients for home-made meals. I might throw in a couple of recipes, too.

New Zealand food and coffee
Treating yourself to a couple of nice meals and delicious coffee is just as important part of a New Zealand camping experience as being bitten by sandflies.

Based on all of the above I believe I could successfully fill the open position and significantly contribute to the business success of Euro Campers.

What is keeping me from applying, you might wonder? I haven’t told my husband about my plan to relocate to the other end of the world and his role in the whole story yet. I might be good at social media and digital marketing, but I sure as hell am not driving all those campervans!

Camping in New Zealand
Someone has to be in charge of all the driving and logistics.