My year 2017 in pictures

Facebook keeps reminding me how great my 2017 was: According to Zuckerberg’s algorithms I made X new friends, earned Y likes, wows and hahas and gained a couple of “biggest fans”. But what does this really say about the last twelve months? Not much, as it turns out. Apart from the fact that I posted so few photos that Facebook couldn’t come up with anything inspiring for my “year in review” video.

Instead of being told by some tech guys from the Sillicon Valley what the highlights of my year were I browsed through the photos on my phone and in my Lightroom gallery.  I proudly present you my personal review of 2017:

Pian Falzarego at night

Spending the night in a campervan at the Pian Falzarego pass I learned that winter stargazing can be pretty chill.

Tuscan countryside

Nine years after our honeymoon we rediscovered Tuscany. Made me realise how the time flies.

Lago di Fusine, Italy

Taking two days off in the middle of a week to participate in a photography workshop was a commitment I made a year ago. I also promised to myself yet again that I should do this more often.


I discovered real-life SimCity in Warszaw and actually made a couple of new friends that even Facebook knew about.

Livadh Beach in Himare, Albania

We cautiously dipped our toes into Albania and absolutely loved it. In 2018 we are returning better prepared for everything this country has to offer.

Bicycles along the canal in Utrecht

A weekend trip to Utrecht was the perfect respite from an early summer heat wave (when we were still counting them). Plus, another pledge to do this more often.

Logarska valley, Slovenia

Another hot summer weekend made us escape to the Logar valley, a beautiful corner of Slovenia that we’ve been ignoring for too long.

Kranj at sunset

As every year, our home spoiled us with some of the best views making me wonder again why I don’t spend more time just doing this: gazing into the distance from our own backyard.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Yet the world was calling me again: Catching up with content marketing peers in Cleveland is what gets me going and keeps me inspired at work for the whole year. It was no different the third time around.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto

Despite rain messing with our itinerary the trip to Japan wasn’t just simply to tick a destination off our bucket list. In fact, it made us want to go back again.

Driving home

But then again, driving to my old home on a late October afternoon made me appreciate the beautiful place we live in once more.

To sum it all up: 8 countries, 2 continents, 56,000 airline miles credited to two accounts, 15 nights in motorhome,  3 AirBnB homes and almost all vacation days spent. I call this a good year.

And we’re not done yet. In two days we’re boarding our last flight of the year taking us back to India. Time to log off from 2017, literally. See you in 2018.