6 restaurants that are worth travelling to Vis island for

Calling this post “the list of the best restaurants on Vis island” would be a bit pretentious. Simply because the number of restaurants you can visit during a one-week stay hardly qualifies as extensive research. Besides, judging by the quality of food at this limited selection of restaurants, there must be at least a dozen other equally satisfying places to try. The abundance of eateries with locally sourced, organically grown food and freshly caught fish is such that the question is not “where to eat on Vis island” but where to eat first. This is a true hotspot for food lovers that completely took me by surprise.

Few things to know about Vis cuisine

  • “Konoba” is the place to go for. The name stands for a traditional restaurant, usually a rustic place with a huge open fireplace called “gradele” where most of the food is prepared. “Agriturizam” is another good bet, meaning a farm open to tourists. The menu will probably be limited but the ingredients will be homegrown. No need to worry about carbon footprint there.
  • “Peka” is an absolute must-try, there is no way around it. It is a dish consisting of meat, fish or octopus with potatoes and vegetables. Everything is put into a pot, covered with cast iron lid and slowly cooked under the embers of a fireplace.
  • Locally grown capers are omnipresent. You will find them in cold appetizers like octopus salad, fish pate or simple cheese platters, but also in hot dishes. I learned to like them even though I was not a huge fan before. Anchovies are another popular ingredient.
  • “Plavac” is the most famous local wine. Red and strong, it may not be the best choice for hot summer days. But I preferred it to the white “bugava”, another local variety.
  • Restaurants are geared towards yachting tourists which means everything but cheap. Until the early nineties, Vis island was an important military base and thus closed for visitors. Today this results in a lack of developed accommodation options. It seems that more tourists stay in their yachts and sailboats than on the island itself.

It would be impossible to list the restaurants that we visited in any other order than chronologically. Each of them was special in its own way and I couldn’t pick a favourite. So here they are – the best restaurants in Vis according to me:

Konoba Roki’s, Plisko polje

Family-owned restaurant and vinery famous for its “peka” dishes served in the shady garden. Tables for dinner are usually booked days in advance. No surprise there, our monkfish was delicious.

Peka at Roki's
Konoba Roki's leafy garden
Monkfish peka at Roki's

Konoba Stončica, Stončica bay

Most people come to Stončica for its sandy beach and crystal clear water. But we skipped swimming during the midday heat and opted-in for some tasty cold starters instead. The bluefish marinade called “savur” is one of the specialities of the house. Quite rightfully so, it was wonderful.

Cold appetizers at Konoba Stončica

Konoba Barba, Komiža

The views from the terrace of this restaurant in Komiža are on par with the quality of the fish served here. Plus, the waiting staff is knowledgeable and happy to help with a recommendation without trying to oversell.

Konoba Barba in Komiža
Cold starters at Konoba Barba
Grilled fish at Konoba Barba

Konoba Senko, Mala Travna

There’s no menu here, you will be served what the owner Senko prepared for the day. You don’t need to worry though as everything will be delicious. And if you want you can have a refreshing swim in the sea between the courses. Almost like having a sorbet to cleanse your palate but different. 😊

Konoba Senko Vis
Cold starters at Konoba Senko
Grilled fish at Konoba Senko

Restaurant Pojoda, Vis

We decided on a different approach here: We wanted to try as many starters as possible. The waiter was happy to oblige. Dishes like barley risotto with shrimps and peas or chickpea stew with fish totally make up for skipping grilled fish.

Konoba Magić, Stončica

Located in the middle of vineyards, this konoba is another popular place to have “peka” dishes. This time we had octopus, so tender that it almost melted in our mouths.

There you have it, this is our pick of the restaurants for one week on Vis. If you’re not hungry by now, maybe Vis is not for you.