The hidden European gem I don’t want you to know about

Overcrowded tourist attractions are fending off people like flies. Local people are leaving their favourite haunts to hordes of travellers in search of authenticity, best selfie spots and cheap souvenirs. What was once hospitality is slowly turning to hostility towards visitors from all over the world. This seems to be the hottest topic of this summer. The world has become too accessible and travel too instant to make any lasting impression.

So what do you do if you come across a place so surprisingly awesome and yet so undiscovered that you just don’t want others to find out about it? In the era of social media it’s nearly impossible not to tell everyone about it. How else will people know you were on holiday?

I’ve been pondering over this dilemma for the last two months. In the end I decided for a compromise.  For utterly selfish reasons I will only show you how it was, I’m not telling you where we were.

  • There’s a sunbed next to sunbed at every beach. Once you take a closer look, you see that most of them are empty, at least in June. I can only hope they stay like that for many years to come.

  • Judging by the beach bars you could think you were somewhere at the Cote d’Azure.

  • Don’t even let me get started on food. It’s so good that you want to skip beach altogether and just spend the whole time feasting on everything the sea and land have to offer.

  • Local people seem to be natural-born hosts. They will happily treat you to a shot of rakia and will compensate their lack of English knowledge with big smiles.

  • It’s a place where old Mercedes cars get another chance.

  • Roads range from extremely scenic, to extremely chaotic, and that’s putting it mildly. But once you grasp the concept of highways with roundabouts instead of ramps and an occasional fruit stall at the side it only adds to the quirky charm of the place.

I wish I could tell you more about this country. Unfortunately, in our 10-day camping trip we only spent a couple of days there. Enough to wet our appetites for more and decide that we are definitely returning there next June. If you’ve figured out where we were, please, shush about it! I don’t want this place to appear on any “Destination of the Year” list.