Improving your photography skills: 5 reasons why workshops are the way to go

18 cameras all pointing in the same direction bursting shot after shot sounds a lot like a red-carpet scene. But instead of celebrities walking the carpet there’s a group of sheep heading to their pasture backlit by the first rays of sunshine. I can’t help but smile at myself and our group a little. We’re starting our second day photographing every single corner of the most picturesque part of the Triglav National Park, the Trenta valley. Luckily, there’s nobody around at this early hour to observe this funny scene.

Two perfect days out of office made me realise why photo workshops are such a great way to improve your photo skills:

  1. Finding the best spots: A knowledgeable guide knows exactly where to be at what time of day for perfect conditions and unique views. It takes the burden of planning and preparation of you so you can focus solely on your artistic expression. For a cherry on top our guide even knew the morning schedule of sheep and didn’t mind to chase them around so that they fit perfectly into our composition. Nothing was left to chance.
  2. Learning from your peers: Photographers, especially guys, are able to endlessly discuss different tips and tricks, using as many jargon expressions as possible. Sometimes it seems as if they were inventing some secret code language. But if you can filter out the geek stuff you can also learn a lot of useful things. Just don’t try to compete with them, you will never outsmart them.
  3. Hanging out with like-minded people: Only a bunch of equally crazy photographers doesn’t complain to speed up and move on while you shoot 20 different photos of one single motive that you so desperately want to get right. So stop torturing your friends or family on every single trip you take together and sign-up for a workshop instead.
  4. Caving in to the pressure of the group to get the best photos: There’s no way I would ever take off my hiking boots and walk barefoot through ice cold water for a photo. Or so I thought. In a group of 18 enthusiastic photographers I silently followed suit, gritting my teeth with cold and pain. Better suffer for a while than regret not getting that shot that everyone else will be bragging about later. Getting up at 5 am was not a problem either.
  5. Making new friends: No matter how diverse the group, I was always able to make some new friends. That’s also one of the reasons I love photography: it’s great in connecting people.

So why don’t you try it yourself? The Triglav National Park organises a couple of workshops annually. Check the schedule in their online brochure. Alternatively, our guide Aleš also runs photo tours around Lake Bohinj. Working for the Triglav National Park, you can rest assured that he knows every nook and cranny of the area. You won’t regret the experience and you will have some beautiful photos to remember it for a long time.

Lake Jasna

Back Trenta Valley

Hut in Back Trenta Valley

Spring forest

Our photo group

Barefoot in water

Zapotok waterfalls

View over Trenta

Beautiful Soca

Under the bridge

Silky Soca river

Spider net

Sunik water grove

Spot a photographer

Soca river