An airline that failed me: A lament in 5 pictures

The future looked bright and colourful.

Colourful Stockholm houses

I was to participate at a conference in Stockholm which would coincide with our 10th wedding anniversary.  Since neither of us has been to Stockholm before this seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine business and pleasure. So I came up with this brilliant plan – I would fly there on Wednesday and my husband would join me over the weekend.

The city won me over immediately.

Stockholm Gamla Stan

It’s relaxed and easy going, perfectly walkable and full of coffee places serving heaps of tempting desserts. Even the weather played along.

The plan for the weekend was forming in my head: Our anniversary was on Friday so we would start the evening with a cocktail at a bar with amazing view over Stockholm. We would continue with a nice dinner somewhere in the hip Södermalm.  Saturday and Sunday we would spend visiting a couple of museums and strolling around, stopping at all those cafés and design shops that I earmarked as I passed them.

Clouds started to roll in.

Clouds over Stockholm

“It seems you’ll have the room to yourself tonight,” was the message I got on Friday afternoon. My husband’s flight was delayed and I started to play out different options in my head. I didn’t like any of them as they all meant that I would have to spend our anniversary alone in Stockholm. I decided immediately – if his flight gets cancelled, I want to return home as soon as possible.

Adria rained on my parade.

Rain in Stockholm

I was furious. Not only was the flight cancelled but I couldn’t fly home either. Instead of showing some remorse and understanding for my situation Adria Airways tried to rip me off by charging me 900 EUR to change the ticket to Friday evening. 900 EUR! These days you could get to Australia and back for that amount! After a couple of angry tweets and unproductive phone calls I caved in and agreed to fly back the next morning (paying “only” 200 EUR extra). My weekend was ruined anyway.

Stockholm was right at my fingertips.


I took my camera and went for one last walk to clear my head and figure out what made me so mad about the whole thing.

Ruined anniversary plans apart, it was actually the failed prospect of travel that disappointed me the most. To make matters even worse, Stockholm was right at my fingertips but I had to turn my back on it and return home.

Staying there alone wouldn’t be much fun anyway. I don’t like to travel without my husband, it’s one of the things that keep us together I realised a long time ago. In fact, it was travel that made me aware that I can commit to him in the first place: If I can spend two months with a person backpacking in Asia, I can probably spend the rest of my life with him too, was my reasoning.

So, darling, here’s to many more years of travelling together, hopefully not with Adria.