Seduced by The Grand Seduction

I don’t know what’s with movies and me, but I know every time I watch a movie about a place or a country we visited, the result will be the same: me looking up tickets to fly back at the first possible occasion.

A couple of days ago we watched The Grand Seduction set in Newfoundland. It’s been more than six years since we were there and I thought this part of the world has been ticked off our bucket list for good. But I was hit with a severe case of yearning to pack our bags and go back. Not only did I check if there’s a direct flight from London to St. John’s again (There is!). I also browsed through all our photos to check if the island is as pretty as I remembered it (It is!). And while I was flicking through the countless photos it became clear to me again why I loved Newfoundland so much:

  • It’s capital and the largest city St. John’s has a population of a little over 100 thousand people yet it still looks like a small fishing town, full of colourful wooden houses.

NewFoundland (4 of 20)KanadaNewFoundland (1 of 20)

  • Rugged coastline, lakes, fjords and deep green forests – Newfoundland offers a real treat to nature lovers.

NewFoundland (5 of 20) NewFoundland (9 of 20) NewFoundland (19 of 20) NewFoundland (18 of 20)

  • Wildlife is pretty amazing too. Seeing whales up close was a breath-taking experience, even if it meant battling through seasickness for the rest of the day.

NewFoundland (6 of 20)

  • The tiny villages look as if taken from an ancient postcard.

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  • The people are friendly and fun to hang out with and they still keep their Newfoundland dogs the way they were supposed to be kept – out in the open.

NewFoundland (8 of 20)

It really is an amazing place, don’t you agree?